The Mornington Peninsula

In early Autumn I traveled to one of Australia's premier weekend destinations. The Mornington Peninsula is only 90 mins from Melbourne's CBD and it is truly spectacular.

I was fortunately commissioned by Holiday Shacks to do a photo shoot that encapsulated the feel of the peninsular. I had an amazing 48 hours exploring what the region has to offer.

The Mornington Peninsular certainly has a laid back feel, yet at the same time it oozes class and luxury.

This is no more evident then in the countless number of beautiful beaches, holiday mansions, incredible restaurants and beautiful faces that are seen at every turn.

In 15 minutes you can be high up in the hills visiting a winery before heading down to your choice of beach, with a huge selection of either wild and rugged or beautiful and secluded.

The Mornington Peninsular is iconic for its bathing huts, barely a single beach misses out on these colourful additions to what already is a spectacular piece of coastline.

With it being such a family friendly holiday destination, the list of activities, festivals and events in the region are endless. It really is the perfect family holiday destination. The Eagle skylift at Arthur's seat is one of the peninsular's premier tourist destinations.. With soaring views countless bush walks and a cafe to sit down and have a bite to eat it's easy to understand why.

With something like 80 plus wineries, it really is a food and wine mecca. Each winery has its own atmosphere and you could spend months, if not years trying to visit them all. Combine this with the fact that Mornington Peninsula is home to some of the best restaurants in the country it is not hard to see why Victoria often considered to be Australia's premier food and wine destinations.

I was really blown away with the variety of options this tiny peninsular can offer both its residents and visitors. I can't wait to get back and explore it again!

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